Why Choose Me?

Why Choose Me?

I’ll Teach You, Not Just Train You: Everyday while we train together I will be teaching you all about nutrition, muscle development and how to maintain your diet. Whether it’s cutting, maintaining or bulking, I will explain how to calculate your diet, bank calories, refeed (cheat) days and so forth. I will not just help you get where you want to be, I will explain how we did it so you can continue your program long after we stop working together.

I’m Very Affordable: All trainers charge $50-70 an hour. That’s way too much to pay for sessions. I don’t believe in charging such outrageous prices. I believe in charging affordable prices for you. You definitely get more than you pay for with me.

I’m Always Available: If you ever have a question or concern you can always call or text me. If I can’t answer the call or the text right away, I will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions you might have. You’re not in this journey alone; we’re in it together.

Your Privacy: Your training is no one else’s business but yours and mine. So you will not see me posting your progress pictures on any social media page or on any of my websites. Everything between us is 100% confidential.

Your Safety: The outside of the home and interior along with the gym we will be training in is under surveillance all around the clock. Audio and video will be taken during all sessions. For everyone’s safety all workout sessions will be recorded and backed up. So train knowing you are protected.

A True Judgment Free Zone: We’ll be training in a private gym with just you and me and I know and vividly remember what it was like to start the path to fitness. So don’t worry looking weak, lost or just silly. I’m here to help you and that’s exactly what I will do. You will not have to worry about a thing. You will be relaxed and focused on your training.

Schools Canceled, The Baby Sitter Didn’t Show: I know how it goes so don’t worry about it. Bring the kid(s) along and they can watch the TV down in the gym. I have Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon and Cable. They will have a choice of what to watch and you can have them close by while you’re training.

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